Waste Management Companies Go Green With Solar-Powered Trash Compactors

Waste management companies are doing all they can to make their products more eco-friendly while still being able to provide quality service to consumers. One prime example of this is the new solar-powered trash compactors that some waste management companies are coming out with. The goal is for these new compactors to replace traditional trash and recycling bins all over North America. Unlike a traditional trash compactor that has to be connected to the power grid to work, these bins can be powered by the sun.

The Duty of a Waste Management Company

The duty of a waste management company is to provide consumers and businesses with an effective way to manage their waste. This includes providing businesses and cities with trash bins so that people have a place to put their waste. Unfortunately, these bins typically become filled too quickly. This is why some cities have been switching to trash compacting bins. While these save room, they also use more energy and require some kind of external power source. The new solar-powered bins, however, get their energy from the sun. Waste management companies say that it costs less energy to run these bins than it does to slice a piece of bread.

Five-Times as Much Trash

These recycle and trash bins use the latest in compaction equipment technology. This gives them the ability to hold five times the amount of garbage that a traditional trash bin can hold. They also do a better job at blocking odors and look cleaner overall. Solar compactor bins take up no more room than a traditional trash bin as well.

Electronic Alerts

However, the new technology of these compactor bins doesn’t stop there. They’re also equipped with alert technology that can send notifications to waste management companies through a web-based system when they become full and need to be emptied. This prevents waste from laying around a city or place of business and cuts back on fuel consumption since trash trucks only need to head out to a trash bin when it’s full rather than on a scheduled basis.

The new solar-powered compacting trash bins could be the way of the future, and the goal of the manufacturer is to get them to the public from coast to coast. At a price tag of near $1,000 each, it could take time for companies and cities to have these bins installed. However, some cities have already started trial runs to see the public’s reaction. Visit Rotobale Compaction Solutions for additional resources.

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