Three Trends Shaping Prefab Garage Design

Steel buildings are an ideal choice for creating a stand alone garage due to their low cost, greater durability and versatile nature. The addition of a prefab garage can provide homeowners with the means to protect vehicles from the elements, enjoy additional interior storage space or create a sheltered working environment for a fraction of the cost needed to add a conventional garage to an existing home. The following three design trends have created a range of steel garages that are able to provide greater versatility and overall value than ever before.

Roof-Only Buildings

Conventional prefab garage designs typically feature only a single door built into the frame of the structure. Roof-only buildings utilize modular wall coverings that can be quickly and easily removed or reconfigured to create an open-air design. Using a more conventional steel garage for a work space can quickly become very uncomfortable and the purchase and installation of climate control appliances often comes at considerable cost. Roof-only steel buildings offer superior versatility and can be quickly reconfigured to create a more comfortable environment while still providing protection from the sun, rain and elements.

Clear-Span Layouts

Vertical clearance space can become a real issue when parking larger vehicles or storing large items. Clear-span steel building designs offer superior clearance making it much easier to part and maneuver taller vehicles or store items that may not easily fit within a conventional prefab garage layout. Clear-span layouts are designed to optimize interior volume without the need to significantly expand the overall building dimensions. Steel garages that can provide a more versatile storage solution and a roomier environment offer an ideal solution for property owners who may have concerns regarding the total volume, size and available storage space that steel garages may be able to provide.

Custom Door Designs

The plain look and unattractive style commonly associated with steel buildings can be a real issue for many property owners. Prefab structures that clash with the architecture and look of a home can be quite the eyesore. Steel garages that are designed to make use of custom door designs provide a far more attractive complement to their surroundings. Selecting and installing the right door will ensure that prefab garages can be as attractive as possible.

Steel buildings provide a low-cost alternative for property owners who are seeking the means to protect a vehicle or enjoy access to additional storage and work space. Prefab buildings constructed from steel are designed to be as versatile and rugged as possible and typically provide far greater long-term value. Less durable materials may require additional effort and greater expense to maintain over the years. If you are interested in learning more, visit Future Buildings.

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