How to Prepare Your Package for Delivery Through Courier Services

If you are like most people, you may be accustomed to filling most of your small business shipping needs through the major shipping companies. These companies often have very specific rules regarding sending packages through their system. For example, the item may need to be in one of their envelopes or boxes. It may not be over a certain weight, and it may not be able to contain certain items. Some require printed shipping labels rather than a handwritten delivery address. While these are common requirements for some delivery companies, you may be preparing one of your packages for delivery through courier services, and you may be wondering what steps you need to take to prepare your package.

Read the Courier’s Special Requirements
Many courier services do not have special shipping requirements. You can refer to their business website for further information about packages they will and will not accept for delivery. Some may require the package to be ready for pickup when the courier arrives or available at the front desk for faster service. However, most will deliver any type of package that you have available, provided it fits in the courier’s car.

Handwritten Instructions May Be Acceptable
If you are accustomed to using delivery service from a major shipping company, you may be used to logging into their website to create custom mailing labels and inserting those labels into a special pouch. You may even have to order shipping supplies from the company to use for all of your future shipping needs. While this is common with some companies, most couriers will accept handwritten delivery instructions. They may also allow you to type your own mailing labels using standard office supplies. Provided the delivery address is legible and complete, there may not be any other requirements.

No Need for Special Packing Materials
Many packages that couriers deliver will be in envelopes or boxes. This ensures that the delivered items remain in good condition while en route to their new location, and it also provides you with a level of privacy with regards to the contents of your delivery. However, most courier companies do not require that items be packed in boxes or envelopes. For example, you may have a stack of papers to deliver to an office across town, and you may only have these papers clipped with a binder clip. Some courier services will accept this type of package to deliver.

Each courier service is unique, so it is important to read through their packaging and mailing label requirements before you schedule a pickup. If in doubt, call the company directly for further assistance. Using courier services is often a faster, easier and more convenient experience than the alternatives. After your first experience with Flagship, you may see why this is a preferred option for many.

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