How Insulated Bags Work

Have you ever wondered how the pizza that you order at 5:30 is still hot when it gets to your doorstep at 6:15? The cheese is still gooey, the crust perfectly baked, and the pepperoni still has those little bubbles on top… it’s like it just came out of the oven! The secret is in those pizza delivery bags that your pizza boy is always carrying. See, what looks like a simple black canvas bag is actually specifically designed to trap heat inside of it without letting it escape, therefore keeping the pizza warm by using its own heat!

The Importance of Insulation

The designers of pizza delivery bags trap heat by using what’s known as insulation. Heat travels through the air, but when you insulate something, you’re essentially blocking the air, therefore blocking the heat from moving through it. Now, when you think of insulation you probably think of that cotton-candy-looking stuff that’s inside the walls of your home. This fiberglass insulation has the same effect as a pizza bag, but pizza delivery bags usually use material like polyester on the outside, foam in the middle, and heavy-duty foil on the inside.

The Main Materials in a Pizza Delivery Bag

If you’ve ever worn polyester, you know that it’s a very thin but very dense material that will have you sweating quickly on a hot day yet keep you warm on a cold day. That’s because polyester does an excellent job of trapping your body heat instead of letting it out into the air. Foam is also a great insulator, in fact it’s so good at stopping airflow that in addition to trapping heat, it’s also commonly used to block sound! Foil is the third component because in addition to trapping heat, it reflects it. That’s why it’s typically used to line the inside of delivery bags.

The Best Insulated Bags

The best delivery bags will be made out of high quality materials that are utilized specifically to trap heat and prevent it from escaping even on the coldest winter nights. The stitching even plays a role in the quality of a pizza delivery bag, as any minor hole in the fabric can mean a major escape of heat. When out on delivery, a pizza delivery guy may deliver to four or five houses in a row, so it’s essential that the bag he’s using is made of high quality materials in order to ensure that the fifth house’s pizza is just as hot as the first house’s. For more information, please visit Covertex Corporation to find additional resources.

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