5 Reasons People Choose Purification Tablets

It is always prudent to keep one or two water purification systems on hand for times when the normal water supply isn’t available. Water purification tablets are one of the best options, since they offer a blend of potency and convenience.

1. Portability

Tablets are far smaller, lighter, and easier to carry than any other water treatment systems. That makes them very popular with campers and others who need to travel light, but it can also be an asset in survival situations. In the event that you need to travel to get water, you can purify it at the site without needing to bring heavy equipment with you.

2. Speed

Purification tablets are one of the quickest ways to get clean water. You do need to give them enough time to work, but it usually takes less than an hour to purify a relatively large amount of water with them. Many other methods, such as solar stills, will take longer to purify an equivalent amount. The alternative methods that can work at a comparable speed usually require more effort from the user or an external power source, which can make them impractical in emergencies.

3. No Heat

Boiling is the classic method for treating water, and it is quite reliable, but it is not appropriate for many situations. It requires a source of heat, which requires either access to a stove or other appliance, or making a fire. Building a fire takes a great deal of time and effort, and it comes with the risk of accidents. Appliances are more convenient, but rely on limited fuel in emergencies. Tablets avoid those problems by offering water purification that does not depend on having a source of heat. That makes them safer and more reliable than boiling, even in situations where that is an option. There are additional resources available at Global Hydration if you are interested in learning more.

4. Low Price

Water purification systems tend to be expensive, but tablets are an exception to that rule. Most people can purchase enough tablets to keep them supplied with water through an emergency for just a few dollars. That is a tiny fraction of the cost of most of the alternatives, and it makes water purification tablets viable as a secondary purification system even for those who choose to purchase a more expensive purifier as well.

5. Ease of Use

Simplicity is a virtue. Making a mistake when using a complex water purification system can lead to accidental exposure to contaminated water, so many people opt for the simplest system that they can find. That often means tablets, since using them is as easy as dropping them into a container of water and waiting for them to work. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake, and that makes them perfect for stressful situations.

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