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Three Trends Shaping Prefab Garage Design

Steel buildings are an ideal choice for creating a stand alone garage due to their low cost, greater durability and versatile nature. The addition of a prefab garage can provide homeowners with the means to protect vehicles from the elements, enjoy additional interior storage space or create a sheltered working environment for a fraction of the cost needed to add a conventional garage to an existing home. The following three design trends have created a range of steel garages that are able to provide greater versatility and overall value than ever before.

How to Prepare Your Package for Delivery Through Courier Services

If you are like most people, you may be accustomed to filling most of your small business shipping needs through the major shipping Montreal companies. These companies often have very specific rules regarding sending packages through their system. For example, the item may need to be in one of their envelopes or boxes. It may not be over a certain weight, and it may not be able to contain certain items. Some require printed shipping labels rather than a handwritten delivery address. While these are common requirements for some delivery companies, you may be preparing one of your packages for delivery through courier services, and you may be wondering what steps you need to take to prepare your package.

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